Proper Wear

All Bollywood Bows are made with fabrics/materials that stretch to some degree.  However, it is important to know the size of your child's head and the size of the bow.  Any bow too small may cause discomfort or indentions on the baby's head.  If this is observed then the bow should be retired.  Squeezing a bow onto a child's head is a sure sign it is past retirement age for the bow.  Forcing smaller-sized bows could cause serious issues for the health of the child. 

If you just love a particular bow, the size is too small now, and we do not have it in stock anymore then please email us at about buying an updated size.  We will strive to find that fabric and replenish your life cycle with an updated bow size. 

We make our Bows with the highest quality fabric/material.  It does allow some stretching, but this isn't a fail-safe.  Parents should never leave their child alone with a Bollywood Bow while they are wearing them.  If the child grabs the bow off of their head then it could wrap around their neck or they could tear the bow itself apart.  All bows are secured prior to shipment, but this doesn't prevent them from destruction if a child wishes to take them apart.  It is important to be mindful of the child's status while wearing a Bollywood Bow.